7 comments on “#letslunch Chilled Poached Pear Soup

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  2. I was saying the same thing as Cheryl before I got the comment section open; you had me at Pears and Bacon. Great combo, wonder if I could make the soup before eating the ingredients first. Love it.

    • @Danielle Thanks. Like I said, I wanted to do this recipe because it sounded so glamorous that I wanted to serve it from home. The mint was a VERY nice touch and the crispy bacon was a great texture contrast.

      @Cathy I failed at not eating the ingredients. I eat several strips of bacon before the soup was done. In retrospect, I should have done hot bacon on top of cold soup. Next time!

      @Cheryl Thanks! I love Let’s Lunch! And this time I got my article done in time for lunch!

      @Chowgirl Chef… As near as I can tell, bacon makes everything better.

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