5 comments on “#MeatlessMonday 2009 Nude & Eco-Cheap Cooking Initiative Recipe 8: Tomato Pasta

  1. Sigh…I’m so sad that tomatoes are essentially a non-event this summer on the East Coast due to the blight–while we see beautiful looking tomatoes at the farmers markets, they are all from hothouses, and to me (or my husband) not worth the $6/lb price. I lament this more because this dish looks really great.

    I wonder if adding some garbanzos would add a little more heft without feeling too much? Years ago, when I lived alone (right after moving to New Haven, but before the husband was cooking for us on a nightly basis) I tried adding beans to pasta and it was way too much–but I can’t imagine that a reasonable amount wouldn’t go well…

  2. First of all, my condolences. We thought our crop was horrible. Then we realized the dog was eating all of them. Next year: tomato fence!!!

    As for the garbanzo beans…I love the idea. We eat them here like they’re going out of style. I think making a puree and adding them to the oil olive (with some extra would be brilliant.) And cheap. Totally in the spirit of the challenge. Thank you!

  3. Hi Chris-

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