5 comments on “Fry Sauce

  1. Ahhh we drive Loooong distances to find good fry sauce!!

    We’ve found two in Oregon so far.. Dave’s Brawny Burger here in Kfalls (I’m not joking about the name…) and we found an Arctic Circle in Newport, Oregon…of all places.. I thought they were only in Utah/Idaho! Who knew!

  2. I must be missing out on the quintessential fry sauce experience. Like it was good. And I’d definitley order more, but to search it out.

    Although, incidentally, my sushi restaurant serves “Yum yum sauce” for the steakhouse part. I think Yum Yum sauce is Fry sauce incognito! 🙂

  3. This is great stuff. A guy in New Orleans, who was actually from S.C. turned me on to Fry Sauce in general. I was raised in MN and had never heard of such a thing… I found “Some Dude’s” in Sacramento and had thought it was a southern thing. Anyway, this is Very Good stuff!!!

    • Wow, I didn’t know you could get Fry Sauce outside of Utah, at least not in a store. I’ll have to look harder for it.

      Though that’s quite a story. You from MN, found about it from a guy in New Orleans who was from South Carolina! 🙂 I swear I thought Utah was the only place for fry sauce!

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