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  1. can you use a thermometer to test for doneness when braising? I noticed that most recipes for beef braises call for about 3 hours of cooking time however our roast reached a temperature of 160 after only 11/2 hours (using 350 temperature). We removed it from the oven as we like our beef more on the rare side. I am wondering whether I should have left it to braise longer – would it have produced a more tender roast?

  2. Good question!

    The point of braising is not to get the meat up to temperature quickly, but slowly cook the meat over a period of several hours.

    So to answer your question, if you would have left the meat in braising liquid, it would have been much, much more tender.

    Now, normally you would want to stop cooking the meat the moment it hits your desired temperature because if you leave it in, the meat gets dry and not terribly appetizing. However, since you’re cooking it in all that liquid, it’s not going to dry out and the internal temperature isn’t as big of a concern.

    Does that help?

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