10 comments on “Twilight Vegetarian Food Rage

  1. Don’t even get me STARTED on vegetarianism in the media! No wonder people look at me with a mix of confusion and pity when I say I’m vegan – we’re always portrayed as waifish, malnourished people. Grr!

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  3. Amanda,

    I hear you. My mother had to pray to come to terms with my not eating meat. *sigh*

    The thing I didn’t get was how the whole tofu thing just didn’t need to happen. Oh wel.

  4. It seems like people have to find a way to see that you’re different, or the same, if you’re vegan or vegetarian. But why give tofu (a food that already has an undeserved bad rap) a knock? It’s a blank canvas, just like chicken for the flesh-eaters.

    And when people see me, they often want to know how they can look as healthy as I do. Eat well and vegan as often as you can. You can eat more and feel great.

  5. okay Im not vegan or vegetarian, but I like veggies, and I like tofu…and vampires really need to get a life. (and Im too tired to be pithy in comments, but this post made me smile and thats a good thing this week:)

  6. This made me smile too Chris. I thought the whole ‘vegetarian vampire’ thing was WAY strange..! Kinda duh?

    From this on again off again veggie lover. The part about your mom praying about it…making me laugh!

  7. Bella Swan is not a vegetarian. In the book she eats steak and meat lasagna, along with several other meat-based meals. She also eats mushroom ravioli and other vegetarian dishes in the book as well. I am not sure why they chose to only show her eating the vegetarian meals in the movie.

    I too was slightly confused about the tofu comment that Edward made. He says that in the book and the movie. I think what they were trying to get at is that tofu isn’t as satisfying to a meat-eater as, lets say, a burger would be, not that tofu isn’t as nutritious.

    Just my two cents! I rarely eat meat but I have a LOT of friends that do and they have made it pretty clear to me that eating a meal devoid of any meat products just doesn’t satisfy them.

  8. I’m not a vegetarian, but I love tofu. I can easily eat only tofu in a meal and be satisfied.

    Can the vampires in Twilight eat “regular” human food, and be able to taste them like humans do? If not, how would Edward Cullen even know what tofu tastes like? The last time he was human was presumably a hundred years ago, and I don’t think tofu was a well known food in the west back then…

    • I think you’ve actually hit on something that’s been bothering me. It all felt like needless tofu bashing because you’re right Edward has never had tofu.

      Tofu was just used as a metaphor for an unsatisfying alternative to meat eating. Booo….

      Okay, that’s all I am going to rant.

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