8 comments on “Egg Nog Bread Pudding with Tequilla/Orange Sauce

  1. I love bread pudding. This sounds exotic and OH so different. Can’t wait to substitute the usual Christmas rum cake with Egg Nog Bread Pudding with Tequilla/Orange Sauce. I’m making it tomorrow!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Okay 1) I stumble you. (which is almost the same as I love you)

    2) some of my favorite things are raisins and bananas, srsly. Only I keep spelling raisins, raisens…?

    3) I’m no minor but the rum flavoring extract will be my version, but I’d soooo love to at least taste the tequila/orange sauce???

    4) Adding the YUMMY pic and link to the GNO site for tomorrow’s post.

    5) You rock.

  3. Renee:
    Thank you! I hope you all enjoy!

    Fantastic! Write back and tell me how it goes!

    1. 😉 Thanks!
    2. That’s okay, I can’t spell portabello to save my life.
    3. Move to Kansas? 🙂 I have a big container of it. 🙂 You might start with a single tablespoon come to think of it. Then again, I find that rum can get overpowering.
    4. SWEET! Thanks.
    5. And so do you and #gno! 🙂

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  5. Great idea, adding eggnog to bread pudding that is. And the tequilla sauce is a good addition as well. You mention raisins. I often use Zante currants in their place because they are about half the size and seem to spread out evenly. For whatever reason I like bites to be statistically similar raisin wise:)

    Now I have to try your recipe…the season again approacheth!

  6. Thanks! I was trying to come up with something really rich and decadent. I don’t see a lot of currants around there, though. Still, I might just have to give it a try.

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