7 comments on “The $7 Challenge

  1. Well I’m 1-for-2.

    Alejandro, what don’t you like about it? It uses a whole stick of butter?! 🙂

    Next week, I think will be pizza week. Hopefully you’ll like it better.

    And thanks Cate!

  2. Very cool post. Loved how you did it in under $7!! I did the same thing on my post but created a gourmet meal for 4-6 for under $20. It is a challenge but I think we can all do it if we just put our minds and hearts into it. We need to slow down, don’t we?

  3. Nice meal. I love the idea of putting the lentils in with the rice in the rice cooker. That IS a lot of butter, but I bet it’s really good!

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