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About to crush this vanilla pecan

Bearded Brothers Food Bars Are Amazing for An On-the-Go Breakfast

It was actually Mrs. WellDone who landed us the opportunity to be an Ambassador Bearded Brothers. I didn’t know much about them at that point and I assumed I would be writing posts about some beard balm or something. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I need some beard balm…), Bearded Brothers has nothing to do with balms and everything to do with healthy eating. Bearded Brothers is a certified vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, organic, sustainably sourced food bar (in other words animal-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, non-organic-stuff-free, but not taste free.)

Not that I’m against eating sustainable, vegan, GMO-free foods or anything, but let’s be honest here, if I were to hand you #BeardedBrothersBars and then told you everything it doesn’t have, you’d probably assume they were a bad Christmas gift that I was trying to get out of my house. And knowing me that wouldn’t be a bad guess, but I actually really like these bars. We bought a sampler pack and got to try several different flavors: Almond Butter Vanilla, Blueberry Vanilla, Almond Butter Chocolate, Lemon Cashew, Vanilla Pecan, and Raspberry Lemon. My personal favorite was Blueberry Vanilla with Vanilla Pecan a close second.

For a lot of people, Bearded Brothers food bars are going to be something you can toss in a pack for #AdventureFuel aka that quick energy or a snack when hiking, climbing, biking or doing outside stuff. Me? I work on computers all day and rarely need a quick hit of #OrganicEnergy. What I do need is breakfast, though, to get the metabolism going and keep me from starvation eating at lunch.

Even though I work remotely and my commute is like 30 seconds, I still a) resent my travel time and b) need a quick on-the-go breakfast because when my workday starts, it doesn’t slow down until after 5. Because I am a bigger guy, I would grab two bars and take them into my office. They would disappear by the time my first mug of tea was gone, but I never felt hungry or jittery like I would with a lot of bars.

So yes, even those of us who are only hurdling deadlines instead of boulders or streams or whatever you outdoors people do can get a boost from a food bar without a lot of things you don’t want and a lot of stuff (like blueberries!) that you do.

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