An Applecello A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

jaspers_cheers From…or announcing the Jasper’s Restaurant Applecello Experience!

Fall is here again.  Which means that apples are in season and, more importantly, Jasper’s Restaurant is making applecello.  What, you may ask, is applecello?  Well, you may have heard of limoncello, the citrusy Italian liqueur, made from lemons, lemon rind, and liquor.   Well, applecello is that, but made from fresh, local, in-season apples.  (And maybe a hint of cinnamon?)

It’s so smooth.  So good.  And now it’s a culinary superstar.

The Jasper’s Applecello Experience

Why a superstar?  Well, Chef Jasper Mirabile is at it again.  On Monday, October 18th, Chef Jasper will offer up a multi-course meal with applecello as a star.  I haven’t been given an advance look at the menu, but I can make a few educated guesses.

  • There will be a cocktail that elevates the applecello above even its current lofty perch
  • Meadowlark Acres will be providing delcious breads
  • There will be an opening appetizer… maybe an amazing applecello soup?
  • I see an applecello pasta in my crystal ball
  • A main course (chicken maybe? or pork)
  • Finally, there will be some dessert made out applecello which will be sweet, rich, and  full of delicious apple flavor.

In other words, find $45.00, call Jasper’s (816) 941-6600 and reserve your place.  Now!


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