September is National Cannoli Month

Mmmmm…. cannoli…

From’s favorite chef:

For Immediate Release
September 19th  2010
Contact: Chase the Cake Media
Mitch Baker 913-499-8842

Chef Jasper Mirabile says……Let there be cannoli!

Kansas City, Mo –Master Italian chef, Jasper Mirabile Jr. has declared
the month of September “National Cannoli Month” By decree of the master
cannoli maker, desert lovers in Kansas City will be able to enjoy a
massive show of cannoli power during September!

“I’m obsessed with finding the perfect cannoli!” says Jasper. I even
invented a Cannoli Therapy Patch for people who need a cannoli fix. I
dressed up last year as a cannoli for Halloween.  The end-story in my
cookbook is, “On the Cannoli Trail”…it’s all about my search for the
greatest cannoli in Sicily!

Join Jasper  On the Cannoli Trail in KC. at Hen House markets for
cannoli samples,  demonstrations and fresh made Jaspers cannoli at all
stores daily in the deli. Jasper’s Restaurant will offer  daily
specials and dozens of specialty flavors and  unique cannoli creations.

Cannoli originated in Palermo & the surrounding areas. They were
originally made for Carnival, which is a festival that occurs before
Lent. It is a crisp crust filled with fresh Ricotta cheese blended with
other ingredients. It takes it name from it’s long tubular shape &
dates back to the time when Sicily was occupied by Arabs in the 9th

Keep in touch with Jasper’s cannoli adventures all September long!
Twitter: @JasperMirabile
Facebook : Jasper Mirabile
Facebook : Hen House Markets

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