Jennifer Schall’s Blueberry Pancakes!

Blueberry Pancakes

Today’s guest post is from Jen Schall from My Kitchen Addiction.  She was nice enough to let me guest on her blog and then offered to do a guest post for Blog Well Done.  How could I pass up such an offer?  The recipe looks amazing and you’ll never see prettier food photos on my blog!  Enjoy!

Pancakes3I could eat blueberry pancakes every day.  Sometimes I do. It doesn’t help that I always see commercials for a boxed pancake mix.  In the commercial, they sing “blueberry pa-an-cakes” and I find myself singing along… And craving pancakes.

I think the advertisers are onto something… Most of us are busy in the mornings and don’t want to take the time to measure out all of the ingredients for pancakes from scratch. Wouldn’t it be helpful if we had a convenient mix that would make the process much easier?

I thought so, too! Don’t worry (or send me hate email)… I’m not proposing that you go out and pick up a package of the boxed pancake mix. You won’t find that stuff in my kitchen. Instead, I have put together a homemade pancake mix that you can mix up when you have some free time and store in your pantry. Then, you’re ready whenever the pancake cravings strike! In fact, these blueberry pancakes can be mixed up using only one mixing bowl. Oh, and did I mention they are healthy, too? The pancake mix is made with white whole wheat flour, but that can be our little secret.

Pancakes1Whole Wheat Pancake Mix Recipe

•    5 cups white whole wheat flour
•    1 cup milled golden flax
•    1/4 cup baking powder
•    1/4 cup sugar
•    2 teaspoons salt

The pancake mix couldn’t be easier… Simply combine all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and give them a good whisk to make sure everything’s evenly incorporated.  Transfer to an airtight container and store in your pantry for a few months!

Blueberry Pancakes Recipe

•    1 egg
•    1 cup buttermilk
•    1 tablespoon canola oil
•    1 1/2 cups whole wheat pancake mix (above)
•    1 – 2 cups fresh blueberries (use as many as you like)

Preheat a skillet/griddle to medium-low heat (about 325F).  Grease lightly, depending on the type of cooking surface (cooking spray works well for non-stick, and butter or oil would work well for cast iron or other surfaces).

Pancakes2In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the egg, buttermilk, and canola oil. Add the pancake mix to the bowl, and gently stir until the mix is just combined with the wet ingredients.  Don’t overmix!

Spoon the batter onto the preheated skillet and add some blueberries to each pancake.  Once air bubbles start to appear on the top of the pancake (about 2 minutes), flip and cook on the other side (another 2 minutes). Serve immediately topped with additional blueberries and your favorite syrup!

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