Baked Cheese Three Ways

1278705185_250-baked-brieReady for Baked Cheese Appetizers

Over on, I did an article featuring three ways to make baked cheese: Parmesan crisps, savory baked brie with Romesco Sauce and sweet baked sheep’s milk with jam and balsamic.

baked cheese: so easy, so very cheesey

Who can get enough cheese?  It’s perfect for parties, pick me ups, snacks, or just because you feel like it. But baked cheese takes things to a whole new level.

Next time you want a little pizzazz with your cheese, try baking it. Here are three cheesy, but deliciously simple ways to serve baked cheese. The first baked cheese recipe is a simple garnish that can be ready in minutes. The next baked cheese recipe combines the savory flavors of Spain with the earthiness of brie. The last baked cheese dish combines a mild sheep’s milk cheese with balsamic and jam for a cheesy way to finish a meal.


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