Jasper’s KC’s Limoncello Experience

insideheaderLimoncello [n]- Italian for awesome. No seriously, look it up.

That’s why you gotta go to

Jasper Mirabile’s Limoncello Experience

What is limoncello you ask? I already told you! It’s awesome. It’s also something like the greatest lemonade in the world with some pretty darn good (and very, very strong) liquor swirled in. It’s a nice refreshing drink to cap off an Italian feast at Jasper’s or to drink all by itself.

But beware imitators. Jasper’s has been doing his own limoncello for the past 25 years. If you haven’t had limoncello before and are anywhere near Kansas City, you want to go with a limoncello pro. Go to Jasper’s.

With that said, whether you’ve had it or not, you need to get ready for

The Limoncello Experience

If you’ve not been to a Jasper Mirable experience before, the man finds an ingredient (two months ago it was the whole hog) and takes it to its limit. On May 3rd, he’s set his sights on doing the same thing to limoncello. He’ll be offering a range of limonccello breads, limoncello antipasta, limoncello pasta, a limoncello shrimp dish (I’m thinking scampi + awesome) and the world premier of a limoncello torte.

photoI’m not sure what the whole “world premier of the torte” thing means, exactly, but I’ve had Chef Jasper’s limoncello cake and if the torte is 1/10th as good, it will be worth the price of admission alone. (That’s the cake there on the left.)

You can get all of the particulars about the dinner on Jasper’s website as well as make reservations online. I’m not sure how many seats are left, but the pork dinner was filled pretty much to capacity and it was a great time. So reserve your seat now or miss out.

So to recap:

  • If you like adult lemonade, go to the Limoncello Experience
  • If you are as intrigued by the torte as I am, go to the Limoncello Experience
  • If want a fresh springtime dinner, go to the Limoncello Experience
  • If you want a great meal, well go to the Limoncello Experience.

Hey, what are you still doing here?


Larger image taken from Jasperskc.com.


  1. I have ahd Limoncello twice. My brothers neighbor made some which was so good my aunt had one sip and couldn’t handle it. Then I had some real stuff made an Italian friends mother. Ooooh weee, I wish I knew where he was because it was soooo good.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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