New Years Resolutions: A New Series on Sustainable Eating

Welcome to 2010!  Happy New Year!

A lot of exciting things are supposed to happen this year.  If Arthur C. Clarke is right, this year Jupiter will turn into a sun thanks to the efforts of Roy Schneider.  We’re 2 years away from the Mayan (Aztec?) apocalypse.  Yep, this is an exciting time to be alive!

In all seriousness, while 2010 is a year of great opportunity, it’s also one of great challenge with the glocal economy still on shaky footing, joblessness soaring acros the world, and some very credible evidence that the environment is getting more and more unstable. 

If one of your goals is to help the environment, that’s great.   If not, give it some thought.  We’ve only get one planet to live on and even if you don’t believe the environment is in peril, reducing waste has a net positive economic impact.  Besides, sometimes its better to err on the side of caution just in case the environmental scientists are right.

That’s why Caitlin Fitzsimmons from Roaming Tales and I are teaming up to present a new series on sustainable eating.  These posts will cover topics about organic vs. local eating, reducing waste in packaging, reducing waste when you eat, food miles, etc.  Since this is a food blog, there will be plenty of recipes to go along with these sustainable eating ideas.  As Caitlin says, neither of us are absolutists nor do we think that you’re going to do absolutely everything we recommend.  Rather, my hope is that you choose to make 1 change.  Just do one thing different.  Maybe it’s buy sustainably raised meat for one meal a week or, better yet, eat vegetarian one meal.

Then if that feels okay, try something else.  If that feels good, then you can do something else.  If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot and we can bring about a positive change!

Ok, that’s all for now, but check back next week when I’ll talk about why we decided to do this series.  See you then!


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