Fantasy Top Chef and Cooking With Grapes

Fantasy Top Chef
Fantasy Top Chef

Okay, we’re back with another Fantasy Top Chef update.  This is the second to last one for this season.  I know I’ll miss it.  But anyway, let’s see those standings.  (By the way, this represents two weeks since I forgot to update last week.)

Me: 26
Michele: 23
Josh: 18
Karen: 16
Debbie: 13
Colleen: 13
Elise: 8

Wow, that was close, but thanks to the fact the producers seem to want to keep Robin around, it looks like I am going to squeak out a narrow victory.  Yay me!!

And no, I didn’t rig it!

Cooking With Grapes

For whatever reason, this particular episode didn’t really talk to me that much in terms of the dishes that were made.  Not sure why.  I, for instance, love ducky duck.  Maybe I am just depressed because my favorite chef left.

If anything, the elimination challenge featuring cooking savory dishes with grapes was the most interesting thing to me.  It’s not something I had thought that much about, but I bet it would be pretty good.  Especially when you’re on a train passing the vineyards that easily could have produced said grapes (except the Concordes, why Bryan, why?  How could you make Michael Chiarello mad?)  So, here are a few recipes I’ll be trying.  See what you think:

Beef brisket with roasted grapes:

Pork Kebobs with Red Grape Sauce:  (Yes, I like Sandra Lee…sue me*.)

Shrimp and Grape Salad:


Oh, and as always, I totally swiped that picture from Bravo’s website.

* Don’t sue me.

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