Le Sueur Peas

Peas from Muffet
Peas from Muffet

Le Sueur Peas

Tonight I got a reminder of how good they are.  Thanks Chef Jasper.

What are Le Sueur Peas?

Good question.  Le Sueur Peas are canned peas (gasp!) apparently canned in Le Sueur, Minnesota, but they are the sweetest, most delicate little peas in the world.  They are smaller than normal peas (like those pictured above), nor do they have the same vibrant green color.  What they do have is an amazingly sweet, yet still earthy flavor.  If you didn’t know any better, if you had them blindfolded you’d probably think you were eating some sort of canned fruit instead of simple peas.

Even better, the broth (okay, canning liquid) they come in is also wonderfully sweet and only a little bit salty.  In fact, I used to drink it straight from the can when I was in high school.  Seriously.

Peas! HUH!  What it is it good for?

Absolutely something.  (Sorry, not sure where that came from exactly.)

No, but seriously, La Sueur peas are great in anything you’d put peas in and a lot of things you might not think of.  For instance:

  • Salads
  • Soup
  • Puree
  • Ice Cream (if you’re on Iron Chef and you need to do something crazy)
  • Pasta
  • Pot Pie
  • Stir Fry
  • Deep fried in fritters
  • In Macaroni and Cheese
  • As a side by themselves
  • On a plane
  • On a train
  • With Green Eggs and Ham

Yes, they are that versatile!

Even better, they are in most grocery stores right next to the regular old boring peas.  Though if you can’t find them, check Shop Zeus.

One of Two Canned Vegetables I’ll Buy

I am not a big fan of canned veggies on the whole because they are full of salt and they have less nutritional value than either fresh or frozen.  However, the Le Sueur peas are so delicate I think they only way they can survive is in a can, which makes them one of two canned vegetables I’ll buy, the other being the occassional sliced mushroom when we are making pizza at home and I am feeling lazy.   (I know what you’re thinking, tomatoes are a fruit!)

So give them a try.  I bet you’ll enjoy!

Thanks to Muffet for the picture.

10 Replies to “Le Sueur Peas”

  1. I was raised on LeSeuer peas. Now they have phased out the LaSeuer frozen peas, which were the absolutely best! The Green Giant frozen steamers is not the same and not as good. I agree with you – LeSeuer are the only canned vegetable I buy. Bring back frozen!

    2000011284 8 IS THE NUMBER ON THE CAN.

  3. My mother-in-law always used frozen Lesueur peas t make peas,potatoes, & little dumplings… And up until last year I always bought them… and now CANNED peas are all I can find—damn it…….they are horrible!!!!!! Only frozen lesueur peas with real hambone boiled to put the peas in taste perfect……I guess I will never have peas again!!!!!!!
    P.S. Even my hubby would eat them but not anymore…..

  4. i have been eating Leseuer peas since moving to minnesota in 1958. they are the king of peas, the bees knees..try some please. i have had at least a half of large can at least once a week for 53 years..i eat them cold or hot. i’m thinking millions of the little buggers have slid down my throat..i can actually shoot them into my mouth with a fork right off my plate. i just finished off a can with my wife who i introduced them to 17 years ago. she actually thanked me after dinner and confessed to eating them right out of the can as well….the frozen ones were good but i always ate the canned ones….peas peas peas peas…i am going green til my dying day. yum!

  5. I like Le Sueur very much. Please redesign label so I won’t buy SWEET PEAS (large letters) with Mushrooms and Pearl Onions (small letters) instead of just peas.

  6. I have bought lesueur canned peas for many years, but recently the are mushy, watery , & has no flavor. I was wondering what has happened to the peas I have always loved?

  7. What Happened?
    I use to enjoy those little early peas, but lately the cans I’ve purchased from Wal-mart & even Sams are the regular size peas. I thought it was a mislabled batch, so I waited two weeks, but no, the same fat peas. Then went to Sams several weeks later, and yes, the same fat peas.
    Anyone want 8 cans of FAT PEAS.
    I miss the little early peas with the great taste.

  8. I have always bought Le Sueur peas as I think they have the best flavor and they are tiny. I have recently started feeding them to my 14 month old granddaughter. The last can I opened, I found a hard shelled bug of some kind in the peas. Probably won’t buy them again.

  9. I liked these peas, but recently I bought an 8 pack of them at costco. The texture was mushy and the were not firm at all. After trying a couple of cans they were so unappetizing I couldn’t eat them. I went on the website and sent them a note about it. They replied asking for the can ID and code number. I replied and told them I thought it would be appropriate for them to refund me the cost for the 8 cans. Lo and behold then I got a check in the mail for $7. I never would have thought it possible, I give them points for being responsible.

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