#meatlessmonday Palak Tofu

Paneer Palak
Paneer Palak

Palak Tofu

I have been doing #meatlessmonday for a few months now.  I love doing a meatfree dish every Monday for you, but I also love getting my weekly Meatless Monday email filled with new meatfree recipes.  (If you’re interested, you can sign up at meatlessmonday.com.)

I got really excited by today’s email because it had a recipe for spinach tofu curry.  Basically, this is a recreation of a famous Indian dish (palak paneer) which is cubes of paneer cheese cooked in a spinach gravy.

I’ve been wanting to try this dish for a LONG time since I really love the spinach gravy and I am frankly not so high on paneer cheese cubes.  (Note: there’s nothing wrong with them.  They just don’t tickle my fancy.)  The good news for me is that firm tofu has about the same texture as the paneer while having a more neutral flavor.

Anyway, check out the recipe on MeatlessMonday.com or go to the recipe’s creators’ blog at HEAL Yourself

My one contribution is finding a good image of palak paneer.  Yes, the above image is one of the prettiest I can find of the spinach gravy dish.  Like a lot of Indian dishes, I love the flavor.  The visual imagery, however leaves something to be desired.

Still, I wanted to let you know once the gravy looks like baby poop, it’s time to dig in.  (I’m actually serious on that one.)

Thanks to paper or plastic? for the picture.

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