Meet the Superfriends of SolFüD!

My friend Heidi sent me this:


Smoothie Soireé on Sunday

Only at the Uptown Theater

3700 Broadway St., KCMO, 64111

Broadway Room




All you can drink Organic SuperFüD Smoothies and Introduction Party!


Meet the Superfriends of SolFüD!


Special Guests: Daniel Greenamyre * Nicolas Garcia * Chris Perrin * Heidi VanPelt


Atmospheric Sounds Orchestrated by Jerimiah Belle


Come and taste the future of liquefied foods! Get Glowing!


Daniel Greenamyre, Superfood Advisor and distributor is hosting a cornucopia of superfoods to get your juices flowing and your glow glowing! He will talk about how he got the glow in less than 6 months and how you can too!


Meet Nicolas Garcia an Urban Legend Organic Farmer and Guerrilla Gardener whose drive and passion is to redesign and teach alternatives to lawns and use of green spaces for the hungry.   He comes from a long line of gardeners, farmers and political roustabouts and hopes to continue in the tradition of all of the above with good company.  Come join the movement!


Meet Chris Perrin- Author of, Food Blogger (Blogwelldone), gamer, programmer and Vegan Chef extraordinaire, woo! This man does not sleep he will give you 5 easy tips on how to Start Being Productive right now!


Meet Heidi VanPelt- Living Food Educator and Chef of SolFüD products. She will give you a quick Tune Your Fork Raw demo at 6pm!

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