Ma Po Tofu…The Live Demo

So I am up to my old tricks again…  I did another live demo, this time with just two Twitter friends.  The audio quality is not so great at first, but it does get better.

For this demo, I made…

Ma Pa Tofu

I needed to do a cooking demo to prepare for my big demo on February, 25th (mark your calendars people!).  Originally I wanted to make mac and cheese using some Cabot cheese, but I had no milk.  Then I thought Indian.  I had no ginger.

What I did have the ingredients for was my absolute favorite tofu dish, Ma Po Tofu, which I gave the recipe for in my series on how to make tofu that doesn’t suck.  Here I am cooking it with @bunnyslippers and @eatlikeagirl who were absolutely great!

Hope you enjoy the tofu!

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