News When It Happens

Or something.

Anyway, I was recently (like two weeks ago) a guest on Chef Mark Tafoya’s ReMARKable Palate podcast.  I told myself (and Chef Mark) I was going to type up a blog post on the ol’ when the episode was posted and um… well…

So definitely go check out the ReMARKable Palate podcast, not just to hear my voice (ha ha), but because Chef Mark is one of my favorite culinary podcasters and he knows so much about food.  Even before I met him via Twitter, I was listening to his show and I hope you like listening, too.



  1. I rarely cook, but I’m getting more into all the foodie podcasts and blogs I’ve seen recently. There are a bunch of recipes I’ve seen I want to try, including a few on this blog! I’ll have to listen to the podcast, too.

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