I Have Apples, Yes I Do!

So in a fit of what can only be called madness, I bought a bushel of apples.  Now, I must eat these apples…

So I am going to start cooking apples…  Apple cakes, apple muffins, apple sauces, apple pies, apple main courses, apple sides.

What I want from you all are suggestions…  Give me your favorite apple recipes!


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6 Responses to I Have Apples, Yes I Do!

  1. Apple sour cream coffee crumb pie (not cake)!

    It is my brother’s job to do all of the Thanksgiving preparations. That pie is my favorite dish of the evening… He didn’t make it last year. I haven’t spoken to him since…

  2. Blend it up and make it mush. Freeze or can it. Then, replace oil in baking recipes with it.

    I’m not much of an apple person, unless peanut butter is involved, so… no actual recipes.

  3. Why not just make a few pancakes with thin slices of apples in them. I have a great recipe for an apple pie but no time – alas – to write it down. Sorry.

  4. Hows your apple sour cream coffee crumb pie going?

  5. So well I needed you to prod me. /sigh

    I’ll see what I can’t do.

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