Top Chef Finale Part I (SPOILER ALERT)

In this post, I talk about who was eliminated from part one of the Top Chef finale.

It was rather fortuitous that Food and Media day happened to land on Wednesday, the day part one of the finale of Top Chef aired.  It strikes me that I might have set things up that way…

I am not a TV critic so I will not delve into the episode except to say two things.  First,  I looked forward to this finale far more than I did the Season Two finale, though I liked last season better.  Unfortunately, this episode fell really flat.  There was no tension or drama or instructions on how to make poi or poke.  This felt like an ordinary episode of the show except everyone kept talking like they were stressed out, but there was no tension or drama.  Where’s Marcel when you need him?

Second, I think Brian’s elimination was a poor choice.  During the entire episode, I kept thinking Casey (who I’ve been rooting for for the entire season) was going to get the boot.  Serving raw meat feels like a far worse sin than having too much on the plate.  Now, the decision to ask Brian to pack his knives and git could have been based on comments made that were not aired, but I thought Casey was a goner for sure.  My fear is that Casey is a fan favorite and that kept her on the show if it was at all close between she and Brian.  I know Top Chef is a TV show first and a cooking competition second, but something about tonight’s episode felt off.

I am not claiming they kept Casey on for her sex appeal or any of that nonsense.  I just wonder how Brian, who braised a lean piece of meat in three hours got kicked off when no one said anything bad about his dish.  Maybe the smoked tomato butter was enough.

With that being said, go Casey!  I’ll probably swap weeks and have another food and media post next week to discuss the Top Chef finale and my reactions to it.  My guess is that Hung takes it.

Also, when The Next Iron Chef comes on, I’ll be covering that on the blog as well.  As part of covering each show, I will discuss one recipe that I find interesting.  I will not give you a recipe because I will not have had time to prepare the dish since Bravo has yet to decide to send me previews of each episode and I do not present recipes I have not made myself.

The dish that I could interesting in tonight’s Top Chef was Dale’s huckleberry sauce.  I found these links.  Check them out!,,FOOD_9936_28858,00.html?rsrc=search,cs=13,cc=,ps=,pt=nc,.html

I’ll try to make as many as I can and get back to you.  Now, tell me, what did you think of tonight’s Top Chef?

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