Restaurant Review: Dean and DeLuca

First of all, sorry for the week long hiatus.  Things have been just that crazy.

For this edition’s restaurant review, I decided to do something with a little more national appeal.  Last week, my wife suggested that we have lunch at Dean and DeLuca.  About a month ago, I had gone our local Dean and DeLuca and noticed that they had swapped out some of their shelf space for food counters: a sandwich and soup area, a gelato bar and most importantly: a sushi area.  Being close to work, I consented.

Even now I’m not entirely sure how the bill came to $54, but it was worth it.  I ordered a tray of sushi and a tin of lobster, asparagus, and brie macaroni and cheese.  (It’s important I stop here and say that I have never purposefully ordered mac and cheese and even when it was forced upon me, I have not enjoyed it.)  The sushi was good, though it had obviously been languishing for an hour or so.

On the other hand, the mac and cheese was amazing.  I hade it heated until it was warm all the way through and the brie was melty, but not runny.  The bits of lobster flavored the cheese sauce so that even if there was not a piece of lobster on my fork, I still got a pleasant hint of seafood.  The asparagus was surprisingly firm and provided an excellent texture against the softer noodles.  To round out my tasting menu, I also got some spicy lobster dip which again had just enough of the seafood to flavor each bite without being overpowering.  The addition of what I believe was sriracha and a little red bell pepper added a depth of flavor I would call gourmet. 

My wife ordered a sandwich and some spinach-artichoke dip.  I was not fond of the spin dip (the cream cheese had gotten too firm), but her sandwich was huge.  At first I was a little dismayed that she had paid nine dollars for a sandwich, then I saw how bit it was.  That one sandwich could have easily fed both of us.  For dessert, she munched on a lemon poppy seed cupcake from the bakery case.  It was good, but too lemony for my taste.

The low point of the meal were the truffles.  Last weekend we went to a chocolate festival and gotten to try some unbelieveable truffles made by hand in chocolate shops across the city.  Those chocolatiers blew away the mass produced high end chocolates served in the Dean and DeLuca dessert case.

Still, it was an enjoyable change of pace.  Even if the price had not been steep, I am not sure I would go to Dean and DeLuca every day, but for something different, I would heartily recommend it.

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