One comment on “If You Won’t Give Me Free Cake on My Birthday, I’m Not Coming to Your Restaurant

  1. I do agree with what you are saying and I think its more than just a free item on your birthday. I almost think of dining at a restaurant to be similar to valentines day. Why make a special deal out of 1 day of the year for your significant other when you can do it 365 days of the year because you want to. There is a particular restaurant I enjoy going to because I feel like I am welcomed like I was a red carpet star or royalty not to mention family. They say hello and mean their hello. They seat you and truly want to know how you are doing. They shake your hand asking how the family is and interacting with you as a person not as a hog at a feed lot.

    Its that extra care the extra touch the “we are all people here touch” that will keep me going back. Just because you had a bad day does not give you the right to snap when asked for a water. When you are in a service industry its to SERVE but not just throw mediocre food on the table and crank up the AC to get me to eat faster. Granted we are all human and have off days and being human we cant be expected to be cheery and happy 100% of the time but due to the nature of the biz you better be 95% happy and cheery up front.

    Let me sit there and talk and enjoy myself for as long as i want enjoying the time I am having with my dinner guests family or friends. Tips are not mandatory as many people seem to think they are these days. Tips like many other things in this world are a privilege. I can choose not to tip you and I can also choose not to dine with you again. At the same time by you ruining my experience I guarantee that I will go home and over the course of the next week or month tell as many people as I can about the poor service. On the flip side if you blow me away with your service I will rant and rave over your establishment and tell people ten fold compared to a negative reaction and I will also tip much better if I truly have a good dining experience.

    I could go on but I think I shall save that for another day.

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