3 comments on “Restaurant Week Day 1 (and the Obligatory Jasper’s Reference)

  1. Jasper, Come On Man…join the community of Kansas City Restaurants who are taking part in restaurant week.

    Seriously, your own prix fixe menu this week? That is just cheeky and lame. You are too classy for that kind of game.

    You are a leader in the restaurant community, step up to the plate (pun intended) and be part of the 2012 KCRW.

  2. Spoke with Jasper last night, and I can eat a big ole’plate of crow for him!

    My unwavering support of KCRW had me say something before I knew the facts. And in the end it is great passion for the community we serve that drives all of us in this industry,

    Kudos to Jasper for all he does and kudos to everyone in the industry for supporting KC Restaurant Week!

    • Hey Gayle,

      Thanks for that. It takes a lot of class to apologize, especially in public!

      I am not looking forward to eating a big ol’ plate of Webster House on Saturday Night even more! Would love to chat with you some day about Webster House because my family and I love it!

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