One comment on “Gluten Free Update #3 and Sriracha Miracle Whip

  1. The majority of people who have Celiac Disease require a diet 100% gluten free. Making finding foods that will keep us out of the hospital emergency room and safe from the potentially deadly effects even more difficult. We are safer dealing with companies that STRICTLY make and maintain 100% gluten free foods and/or making our own condiments, dressing etc. from scratch with natural unprocessed foods. If you are dealing with a company that makes a wide range of products, some of which do have gluten, they are allowed to label their products gluten free as long as the gluten in the product is less than 20 parts per million.
    So be aware, if you have celiac disease and/or an allergy to gluten and have been maintaining what you believe is an actual gluten FREE diet but still find yourself having reactions, find out from the manufactor of the suspected food if there is gluten:
    1. Present in Product
    2. Present in other Products Manufactured on the Same Line
    3. Present in other Products Manufactured in the Same Plant
    The above is a good rule of thumb for following with any life threathening food allergy! Good Luck.

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