3 comments on “Gluten Free Update #2

  1. I salute your determination! It really takes practice (or it did for me). It’s definitely easier now than it used to be.

    One thing I noticed: You asked if there was flour in the date sauce on the pork, but did you ask about soy sauce? That one sneaks into a lot of sauces with no warning! It can also be an issue with sushi — I bring my own tamari sauce (you can order a big box of single-serve packets online for easy carrying or get a bottle from Whole Foods) and make sure none of the rolls I order have soy sauce in them.

    If you do get a pizza craving, the Glutino Duo Cheese frozen pizza is the best one I’ve found.

    • I am ashamed to admit it. I knew that soy sauce had wheat and didn’t even think to look. Plus, I’ve eaten it at least once at home. Rats, rats, rats.

      Good news is that I have tamari at home. I’ll looking into carrying my own packets, but now I have to start thinking about what sauces I can have on my sushi rolls.

      Thanks…good stuff to think about.

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