14 comments on “#LetsLunch A Little Touch of Romance

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  3. Fun post, great-sounding salad — I love the testicle-shaped avocado, don’t you? I was just looking at a pear the other day in a whole new way….wonder if they’re on someone’s list?

    • I do love avocados, but for reasons other than shape.

      And darn it, some caramelized pears would have been FANTASTIC. Maybe some almonds, too since they’re sort of naughty shaped, too! 🙂

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  7. I’ve had my Chocolate Touch since it came out. I applied to have a Razr. I’ve been looking around at the filesystem on Bitpim and just commenced putting flash wallpapers on it. I’ve also checked to see how EnV Touch themes look on it. I’d like to start trying to make themes and wallpapers in Adobe Flash CS4. But I just started out, so it’ll likely be awhile before I get anything. Tongue

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