4 comments on “Braised Meatballs with Le Grand Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

  1. That’s a good idea Chris!
    Ground meat, especially lean, tends to get dry as it cooks. Having the meat in a sauce will prevent that. I did not mention in my blog that the recipe was just a tadd on the dry side.
    I have a few remorses now…
    May I suggest finely chopped parsley and fresly grated parmesan just before serving?
    Just for the beauty…
    I will do your recipe, Merci chef!

  2. Re: the dry meat. We don’t eat a lot of ground meat in our house, so when we do, we go with the 80% and enjoy the fat. But I know that’s not a long term option…have you thought about milk or more eggs? Something to give a healthy source of fat?

    I think the parsley and parm would be great additions. Good bursts of color!

    Thanks for your awesome sauces chef!

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