3 comments on “Tuiles & Daring Bakers – Junk Food Post #26

  1. This is a very sad tale! I can truly say, “Brother, I have BEEN there.” Not with your particular set of ingredients, but can I tell you about a Yule Log that turned into a Yule Stump at 4:00 on Christmas Eve because someone couldn’t make the jelly roll actually roll. The horror. I still wake up in a cold sweat over that one, sometimes 😀

    Moral of your story, and mine, if we learn something from our spectacular failures, then maybe we haven’t failed at all. Still looking forward to your pix, however;)

  2. Oh yes pictures please! It is always better to divide misery.

    Cheap chocolate and white chocolate are tough customers to work with no matter what – I hope it tasted ok?

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