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  1. I think Twitter, as well as other social media outlets, makes the world smaller and more accessible and shortens the distances between people. Now my recipe:

    Carl’s yummy hot sauce

    Put a mess of jalapeno peppers in a jar with an equal amount of garlic cloves. The peppers should be washed, destemmed and cut in two pieces. Cover this (barely) with white vinegar. After a week, blend it and use liberally because it is good on everything. Store it in the refrigerator.

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for linking to my post about Food Bloggers and Twitter. I hope at this moment you’re having your goals about Twitter!

    Totally agree with you, independently of the numbers of followers the most important thing is to interact and try to know deeply the foodies-followers at Twitter.

    No recipes from me, but I contribute with the tech and social aspects of this wonderful global community only in 140 chars..;-)

    Keep your good work!

    Gera http://twitter.com/sweetsfoods

  3. I replied to you on Twitter but I’ll leave a comment in case you missed my reply. I’ll get a recipe and a story to you.

    I’m at 973 followers so I’ve been thinking of something special to do in celebration too. I might give away 5 custom Twitter backgrounds. 😉

  4. What a great idea. I can’t think of many things I enjoy more than the company I keep on Twitter and FOOD. Twitter can be many things: a megaphone, a marketing tool-but for me Twitter is a lot like comfort food. 🙂

  5. I am so in! As a Baby Boomer ~ I’ve amassed many a favorite recipe over the years, of all types. I’m a fan of cooking & can whip up everything from comfort food to gourmet dinners & desserts ~ I will be happy to share a favorite of mine with my Twitter friends!

    I’m note sure how to submit, but I will do up an email for you! I already have some listed on my website but can do different ones if you’d like.

  6. I don’t have a lot of ‘self’ recipes you know? I’m really good at the steal it version.

    I have my mom’s chocolate cake with buttermilk? (as a kid we always frosted it with peanutbutter frosting and often had it on Sundays…)

    I make an awesome creamy chicken enchilada and NO cambell’s soups are allowed..but I do start with chicken broth? Kind of comes out different each time though…

    I have tweaked and massaged a banana muffin recipe so much that it absolutely must qualify as my own…

    What cha think…? as for my story…see my blog today??

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