3 comments on “Unsalted Soy Sauce

  1. Have you tried Tamari sauce? I like it better than soy sauce and it’s not as salty. I personally think that low-sodium soy sauce tastes like unleaded gasoline. (Uh, how exactly would I know that? No comment.) I learned about Tamari sauce in the only cooking class I ever took. It was called “The Joy of Soy,” I kid you not. I was trying to go vegetarian so I was edu-ma-cating myself. (Just for the record, it didn’t take.) But the discovery of Tamari stayed with me. I recommend it!

  2. Yeah, I am starting to move away from soy sauce to tamari because of the more mild flavor. Though in cooking, I still tend to use them interchangeably (as in the case of the cooking I did for this post where I used tamari.)

    What I’ve found is that when I am in a normal grocery store, I buy soy sauce because that’s what they have. When I am in a more foodie-oriented store (Dean and Deluca, Whole Foods) they have tamari and that’s what I buy.

    What brands do you use?

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