The Top 100 Foods I Want to Cook

To go along with the omnivore’s 100 and the vegan 100, I’ve decided to write out the top 100 foods that I want to cook and as I fix them, I will scratch them off and perhaps replace them with something new.  Some of these ideas are pretty mundane, some not so.  Some are vegan, some involve real meat.

If you like the idea, please create your own and leave me a comment so I can steal ideas see what you’re cooking.

  1. Mango/chili powder sorbet
  2. Cayenne Hot Sauce
  3. Faux Short Ribs with Hard Bamboo Bones and Seitan
  4. Fajita Skirt Steak (the real stuff, it’s a long story)
  5. Mexican Flank Steak (Again, don’t ask)
  6. Seitan in an Asian Plum Sauce
  7. Silken Tofu Chocolate Cafe
  8. Noodles like I get at Shogun
  9. Miso Eggplant “eel” sushi
  10. Vegan spicy tuna roll
  11. Crab cakes with Match
  12. Chiapas-style Seitan
  13. Homemade rice pancakes (moo shu style)
  14. Vegan gnocchi
  15. Vegan nan (need a tandoori oven)
  16. Aloo Gobi
  17. Rucci Fry (my favorite vegetarian Indian dish, have no idea what’s in it except that it’s veggies, it’s red, and it’s FLAMING hot.)  Mmm…
  18. Berry banana silken tofu shake
  19. Vanilla/sugar sauted lobster
  20. Dozen oysters with horseradish finished with citrus and a hint of watermelon
  21. Seitan pepperoni
  22. Seitan salami
  23. Smoked tempeh
  24. Tiger cry seitan
  25. Vegan haggis (yes, I, too am puzzled by this…)
  26. Vegan shrimp substitute
  27. Vegan parmesan
  28. Sweet mash (sweet potatoes and bananas)
  29. Vegan hot dogs
  30. Turducken
  31. Cassoulet
  32. A vegan version of Cassoulet
  33. Vegan french toast
  34. Cashew cheese
  35. Cashew milk
  36. Homemade soy milk
  37. Lemon poppy seed cake
  38. Mini carrot cakes
  39. Kalamata olive bread
  40. Vegan sun-dried tomato spread
  41. Olive tapenade
  42. Vegan ham
  43. Barley risotto
  44. Sweet potato risotto
  45. Sweet potato ice cream
  46. Vegan cookies and cream ice cream
  47. Champagne risotto
  48. Salad with nicoise olives
  49. Pear puree soup
  50. Strawberry/tomato bruschetta (thanks forfeng)
  51. Jack Daniels glaze
  52. Bourbon sauce
  53. Margarita seitan
  54. Chiliaquelles
  55. Vegan alfredo sauce
  56. Sugar grilled asparagus
  57. Yu shiang asparagus
  58. Sa cha eggplant
  59. Dan dan noodles that don’t completely suck
  60. Blazing noodles from Pei Wei (I’m close)
  61. Seitan in a slow cooker
  62. Tea marinated seitan
  63. Tea smoked something
  64. Green tea ice cream
  65. Chipotle paste
  66. Serrano ginger paste
  67. Hard candy
  68. Carmel scallops
  69. Chinese pork bun
  70. Chili paste
  71. Mole
  72. Good Brazillian polenta
  73. Brazillian cheese bread
  74. Seitan scampi
  75. Collard greens
  76. Profiteroles
  77. Profiteroles stuffed with seitan
  78. Vegan cheesy mashed potatoes
  79. Vegan creamed spinach
  80. Garlicky sauted spinach
  81. Sweet Potatoe Souffle
  82. Vegan coconut drop cookies
  83. Vegan egg replacer
  84. Frittata with tofu eggs
  85. French-style omelet
  86. Vegan feta
  87. Flour tortillas from scratch
  88. Chimichanga
  89. Asian 5 Spice Seitan
  90. Peking Duck
  91. Stuffed portobellos
  92. Mango relish that doesn’t taste like crap
  93. Grilled stuffed peaches
  94. Deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  95. Fried cookie dough
  96. Mochahete
  97. Vegan sausage
  98. Peach cobbler
  99. Macadamia-nut encrusted cheese cake
  100. Jamaican jerk sauce

So…what’s on your 100? 

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