food and life

food and life

Where Life and Lunch Meet:Willie

So last week I got the chance to eat at The American Restaurant where I had a pretty darn good meal (read my review here.  I actually used the word supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.)  And while Chef Debbie Gold was the star of the evening, there someone else whose company I found very enjoyable: Mister Willie, who has tended bar […]

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Valentine’s Day The Easy Way

4 Ingredients + 3 Stores + 30 Minutes = 1 Hot Valentine’s Day This is the post for those people who held off on Valentine’s Day until the last minute.  I know you’re out there.  It was the same for Christmas and her/his her birthday.  It’s okay.  We’re all busy! The good news is […]

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Chocolate.  Chocolate is the force that brings us together tonight for the #gno Tweetup on Twitter.  The topic is supposed to be Love and Chocolate, though most of the questions I have gotten so far seem to center around just the chocolate.  Love, it appears, has no place in Valentine’s Day. Chocolate So, to honor […]

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A Meal For New Beginnings

Maybe it’s just clever marketing, but I am starting to believe the hype: maybe 2009 is the start of something grand.  Right now our economy is in the tank, we are at war, and the ranks of the jobless swell every day.  The experts say 2009 is the year that we pay for the excesses […]