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Happy World Vegan Day!

That’s right, it’s back again for another crazy year.  It’s World Vegan Day. I know many of you, my readers, are not vegans, which is just fine.  Neither am I.  However, there is nothing wrong with trying vegan recipes every now and then (like my soyrizo taquitos for instance…) I was vegan once for about […]

food and life

Food and the Family

So I’m having one of those nights where I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out what recipe to share and all that came to me was “Recipe: Chocolate Chips.”  1) Drive to the store 2) Buy cookie dough 3) Drive home 4) Read instructions. And I think maybe my subconcious is telling […]

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Almost Iron Chef

I had a moment tonight when I felt like I was in Kitchen Stadium competing in Battle: Really Need to Go to the Grocery Store and Stock Up.  In my mind, the Chairman said did his karate chop over a steel lid (or in my case the fridge) and revealed the secret ingredients: a few onions, potatoes, ears of corn, […]

food and life

Musings on Chef Ripert’s Comment

During the Top Chef Season Three Finale (Part One) , Chef Eric Ripert made a comment I found jaw dropping.  Brian Malarky had prepared a braised elk dish that he served with a a number of garnishes including the choice of either gorgonzola or rochefort (forgive me if those are wrong, I am going off […]