Chocolate.  Chocolate is the force that brings us together tonight for the #gno Tweetup on Twitter.  The topic is supposed to be Love and Chocolate, though most of the questions I have gotten so far seem to center around just the chocolate.  Love, it appears, has no place in Valentine’s Day.


So, to honor tonight’s extra-chocolatey, somewhat love-y Tweetup, I have decided to compile some of my favorite chocolate dishes into one list, complete with recipes.  Most of these recipes aren’t mine (again, dessert cooking + me = BAD consequences) but I think you’ll enjoy them nonetheless.

Oh, and I had to add a little chocolate food porn.  Because first you eat the chocolate with your eyes and then with your mouth.  Enjoy!

The Chocolate List Chocolate Hearts

  1. I think my favorite chocolate dish I ever did for has to be:Chocolate and Almond Crepes
  2. My favorite recipe for chocolate I ever did for another blog is a Molten Chocolate Cake I did on Party Planning Professor that I got off the Food Network.
  3. Favorite chocolate liqueur: Dove Chocolate liqueur.
  4. Favorite chocolate artistry: the chocolate bag with chocolate mousse and berries from McCormick and Schmick’s
  5. Chocolate CandiesFavorite chocolate snack: puppy chow
  6. Favorite chocolate dish to take to a party: dirt and worms
  7. Chocolate dish worth dying for: my wife’s vegan chocolate chip cookies
  8. Most fun use of chocolate: chocolate fondue
  9. Favorite savory chocolate dish: vegan mole
  10. Best chocolate challenge: 6 layer chocolate cake

Layered Chocolate Cake

Okay, hopefully that gives you all some ideas.


Food porn courtesy of Darwin Bell, procsilas, terren, Manassas Cakery, tracyhunter


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2 Responses to Chocolate

  1. Yum. My favorite topic – chocolate. Love the chocolate food “porn” tease!

  2. No problem. Everyone needs chocolate porn in their life.

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