Early Morning

We had to be up at 6:15 this morning to have our bags stowed so we could be on the bus at 7:00 so we could then sit for 15 minutes. Grrr.

Not the it comes up much, but I am not a morning person. At least the restaurant serves Tazo Awake tea. Through it, I am barely functional.. Although, according to some, that makes a commie (thanks Jennifer! :))

I’ll do more of an indepth recap later, but suffice it to say we won the entree round last night (boo yeah!!!!… does anyone say boo yeah anymore?) Our dish was seared terris major steak over red wine risotto with a red wine buerre blanc with sauted vegetables finished with Tasteful Olive cinnamon pear balsamic. I think we could have given the dish a sexier name. Love steak or tender steak well done. Something…

Anyway, the important takeaway is that I made the risotto. Because I am awesome.

Today’s itenerary is very full. We’re headed to a livestock auction and then to a processing plant. Yep, today I get to see them kill a cow.

I had a light breakfast…

Okay, that’s all for now. Enjoy!

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