Winfield Livestock Auction

We just left Winfield Livestock Auction. Great info, nice people, and I got a hat. Good times.

Let’s see– important takeaways from the auction house or “sale barn”:

1. Seriously, Justin Brazle was a heckuva nice guy. (Yep, I said heckuva. Deal with it.) He was definitely motivated to make money, but didn’t have the corporate business man feel. Good times.
2. He puts his auctions on the Internet for real time bidding. Take that eBay!
3. His job is to help the beef industry reduce risk.

Sadly, buying cattle is expensive (cattle are bought and sold in 50,000 pound lots.) That means that a lot of money is tied up in a shipment and a lot of money can be lost on a herd. To make matters worse, right now the market is high. If it takes a downturn, a lot of people could lose a lot of money.

Not so good times.

Now… On the way to witness a “harvest.” It’s time to watch a cow die. 🙁

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