Robert Irvine’s Mission Cook

Over the weekend, I picked up a copy of Robert Irvine’s Mission Cook, a biography/recipe book from the hard nosed, no-nonsense, skilled beyond measure chef from Dinner: Impossible.  If you have not seen this show, it is amazing.  Supposedly, Robert is given no foreknowledge of his task for the show, things like catering a governor’s inaugral ball or feeding hundreds of people a fashion designer’s party, and he is only given eight to twelve hours to buy and prepare the food.

He goes from zero to buffet like no man I have ever seen.

All hero worship aside, his book is well worth the read.  The man has lived an amazing life, starting with the opening pages where he recounted a tale from his days in the Navy where he had to feed over three thousand people who were escaping war torn Yemen with only what he could quickly bring ashore from his boat.  Amazing.

Even better, the recipes are not impossible.  They can be tackled and mastered easily by people of all skill levels including a rib recipe in the first chapter than I have commited to memory.

So Robert, if you read this, I got a Dinner: Impossible for you.  Let’s feed a few hundred people with me as your only sous chef.  Let’s see how you pass that mission!  (Somehow I think it would involve him sending me for groceries while he did all the work. :)) 

Which is okay as long as I get to chop something with his $250 a piece titanium coated knives.


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