Well…Here Goes Nothing

I joined a blog pack last night.  Now…to start blogging.  Welcome everyone from the blog pack.  I promise to be far more active now than in the past.


  1. Found you through the blog pack. Looks like you have a nice thing going here. One suggestion: update your blog’s description in WordPress. It came through my feeer as still being “Just another WordPress weblog,” and you would really benefit from having more descriptive of your site there. (Also, rethink the header image. What is it?)

  2. Hey Matt you are looking down at a plate of food the recipes for which appeared in the January edition of http://www.biaomagazine.com.

    The middle glass is a sake/cranberry martini, the glass on the right is an asian gazpacho, and the thing on the left is salmon en papillote with shitake mushrooms.

    The shitakes do look kind of s–take don’t they?

    As for the description, thank your catching it.

  3. Okay, I see it now. The martini, to someone like me who wouldn’t know what it is, looks like a bowl at the end of the meal. I wonder what it was they had. And what did they put in their drink? And is that some kind of sausage sticking out from under…what?

    The thing is, the colors in the image are perfect. I love them. Combined with the graininess of the image and the Arial/Helvetica font, it creates it a terrific retro/mod feel I find appealing.

    That said, while I’m not ready to give up red meat entirely, I am looking to reduce it and branch out a bit. I look forward to reading more.

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