Fantasy Top Chef Week 2

Okay, real quick, for this week of Fantasy Top Chef, we have retroactively changed the score.  There are now points for winning a Quickfire and the Elimination challenge.  Which means the scores now look like this:

Me: 2
Karen: 2
Josh: 2
Elise: 2
Colleen: 2
Debbie: 2
Michele: 3

This of course does not make me happy at all.  I want to WIN.  WIN!


Okay, so I need to watch this week’s episode.  Right now I know I have a point for Michael V’s Quickfire win.  But I expected to be the clear blogger to beat by this point.  🙂

More after the ep.


Okay, ep is over.  Now for the scores:

Me: 5
Karen: 3
Josh: 5
Elise: 4
Colleen: 3
Debbie: 4
Michele: 4

Okay, so I’m tied for first place.  So that’s good.

Part of my strategy in this game has already backfired on me.  I tried as hard as I could to trade with Karen for Jen C.  My last offer was Robin, 2 guest posts, a feature on BlogWellDone and a Teflon ®-coated pan.  No dice.  I figure Brain V and Jen C would make me unbeatable.  (Plus I have Jen C in my other Fantasy Top Chef game and then I don’t have to figure out who to cheer for.)

Oh well.

As for the show, this season has been been intense so far.  I can definitely tell there are some great chefs.  On the other hand, there are some really not good chefs.  I won’t give any spoilers here, but the chef who went home…not a surprise.  Still, the chef who won the Quickfire (one of mine!) also no surprise.

As it stands now, there are five chefs I can see going all the way: both Voltaggio brothers, Jen C, Kevin, and (strangely enough) Eli.  All of them appear to have what it takes.

Similarly, I think it’s pretty clear who is going home next time.  I am thinking it’s going to be Jessie.  I could be wrong.  I kind of hope I am.  We’ll see next week.

BTW, be sure to follow TNSmackdown.  There will be live blogging about every Top Chef every week!

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