Feed It Forward

Feed It Forward

One of my buddies just forwarded me a $10 gift certificate to the restuarant of my choosing courtesy of Restaurant.com’s Feed It Forward.  I had never heard of Feed It Forward, but Restaurant.com is allowing you, me, anyone to give out 30 FREE $10 gift certifates everyday between now and Christmas.

Give To You Friends, Give to the Community

I’m pretty excited about Feed It Forward and it’s not just for the free $10 to a restaurant of my choosing. 

Let’s face it: times are tough, even though economists are falling over themselves to say the economy is doing better, I know I’m not seeing any benefit.  Money is still tight, so I think we should all take a minute to Feed It Forward and you can do a good deed for two ways: your friends and your community.

All you have to do is enter your friend’s name, email, and write a little message and they get $10.   Helped a friend…check.

Now, your friend goes out to eat, uses their gift certificate, maybe orders a little dessert or something over the gift certificate, hopefully tips their waitor and everyone comes out ahead.  Helped the community…check.

So what’s the hold up?  Go, sign up, give $10 gift certificates and have a happy holiday season!  Enjoy!

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