Month: November 2009


National Health Care

No topic has been as been as politicized as national health care reform since maybe Lewinsky-gate (and maybe not even then).  It’s an issue that has caused a Senator to accuse the President of lying, has divided Republican versus Democrat, Democrat versus Democraft, doctor versus doctor, and American versus American.  I should have said something earlier.  […]


Hen House Holiday Celebration Roundup

Today, I attended the Hen House Holiday Celebration, which was this great food event put on by the Hen House Markets, a fixture amongst grocery stores in the Kansas City area.  I had a great time sampling various products I could then go and buy at Hen House. Among the best things I tried: Palermo’s […]

food and life

Eat Meatballs When I Pass

It was unseasonably warm for Halloween, but that was okay.  I was outdoors to help bury a friend.  Andy Rupf passed away at the age of 40 and there we were, standing around where his ashes were to be interred: saddened, confused, maybe a little angry, alone even in a crowd.  As the preacher raised […]


Top Chef & Salt Crusted Fish

Yes, that’s right it’s Wednesday and that means it’s another Top Chef night.  (Can I get a hallelujah?)  My knockout pool pick tonight is Kevin.  After that I only have those  Voltaggios brothers.  However, after this week at least one guy is going to get knocked out of the pool completely and if Robin goes […]


Cooking My New Orleans

Two weeks ago I got the chance to meet Chef John Besh, dine with him (for approximately 1.7 seconds before he was whisked away), later get the chance to talk about his time on The Next Iron Chef, and last, but not least, receive a copy of his beautiful cookbook My New Orleans: The Cookbook […]