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Vegan Gnocchi in Cheesy Bechamel with White Truffle Oil – Junk Food Post #1

Today hereby inaugurates my Thirty-One Days of Junk Food.  My New Year’s Resolution this year is to make sure as many of my readers broke theirs as possible!  (Just kidding, but not really.)  I think I’m off to a good start!

(BTW, this post is dedicated to Kelly Olexa, who ironically enough, is one of the best fitness vloggers out there.  She’s also one of my favorite people to Twitter at…)

Vegan Gnocchi in Cheesy Bechamel with White Truffle Oil

This recipe starts vegan with the gnocchi, but ends up being vegetarian with the yummy 5 cheese bechamel.  However, vegans, please do not go away.  You can remove the bechamel and replace it with some Elegant Marinara or a sage-brown vegan margarine sauce.

Either way, the party ends with a delicious garrnish of white truffle oil and a little basil for green and flavor.

Vegan Gnocchi

My challenge to myself in making this dish was making the gnocchi vegan.  Gnocchi recipes abound and are not terribly difficult, like this one at 101 Cookbooks I really liked.   Most recipes call for around 2 pounds of potatoes, 4 eggs, and some flour, salt, and nutmeg to add flavor to the party, but I wanted to eat some, too so I had to veganize it.

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