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Deep Fried Vegan Sushi – Junk Food Post #10

Deep Fried Vegan SushiConsider the following entry into the amazing world of sushi-dom just a taste of things to come.  On a personal level, I am slowly leaving my Chinese phase and am strongly considering a sushi-at-home phase.   Either way, I thought that deep fried sushi would be a perfect entry for unResolution month because sushi, if the rice is kept to a minimum, is a decent health food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

So what better way to spend my 10th post of unResolution month than making the dish as remarkably unhealthy as I possibly can?

Deep Fried Vegan Sushi

I hate to say it, but sushi is like anything else…it’s better when its fried.  I can only imagine the army of highly trained sushi chefs who are coming to hunt me down now, but it’s true.  Add batter and fat and it’s enough to make my American heart soar, right before it seizes.

It is important to note when considering this dish that this recipe is vegan (it keeps up with the theme of this week – vegan comfort food that is also bad for you), but if you are not a vegan, you can fill your roll with whatever you like.  This one is just a very easy vegan go-to roll.

Rolling Vegan Sushi And Then Frying It

To get things roll going, you are going to need standard sushi ingredients: nori (toasted seaweed), sushi rice, and fillings, but then we go the extra step and fry it in tempura batter.  So this recipe will be broken up into three sections: making the rice, making the sushi roll itself, and then deep frying it.

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