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Tonight, I’m typing this blog post from my couch because nothing says unResolution month like sitting on the couch and writing about fried foods.  Right?  Anyway, the fried food-only week of unResolution month continues with a post suggested by Elle who says her favorite comfort food is fries covered in melted cheese.  Many, many people love this dish.  However, this is unResolution month and I just felt like we could add more yummy-but-bad-for-you everything to it.

So that’s why I decided to do …

Loaded French Fries aka French Fry Nachos

French fry nachos first entered into my culinary vocabulary on Valentine’s Day three years ago when my wife and I went to Granite City Food and Brewery.  We ordered Idaho nachos, which were waffle fries covered in cheese sauce, bacon, and other nacho fixings.  (Funny story about those nachos.  I got sick the next day and haven’t been able to eat bacon since.  Made going to vegan way easier.)

Okay, that was a wild digression.  I guess all I’m saying is that I’ve had a lot of time to figure out what to top french fries with to make them really perfect for unResolution  month.  I’m hoping you’ll like them, too.  Though, if not, then I hope I’ve convinced you to make cheese fries.  That’s unResolution-y enough.  Maybe add some truffle oil on top of the cheese…

Okay, focus, focus.  Now to the recipe.

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Everyone loves Baked ZitiHow’s everyone feeling?  Still hungry?  Good because unResolution month rolls on!  Today’s suggestion comes courtesy of Spookygirl, who said her favorite bad for her comfort food is baked ziti, which she said is “75% cheese … [b]aked to a bubbly goodness.”

Now, I must admit, until the last few years, no one in my house ate ziti.  Our baked noddle dish of choice was always lasagna so it was only until recently that I understood the magic that is ziti.  And now, I share it with you!

Baked Ziti

Perhaps I’m not up on my baked noodle trivia, but it has always seemed to me that the big difference between lasagna and baked ziti is the difference between order and chaos.  Lasagna, it seems to these eyes, is neatly stacked layers of noodle, cheese, and sauce whereas baked ziti is a crazy free-for-all of noodles and cheese and ground beef or ground faux beef.  Two different philosophies on life, but both equally good!

Making Baked Ziti

Really, because ziti is more freeform, it is actually far easier to make than lasagnas.  To do it…

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The assault on good eating, continues, this time in a post inspired by my friends Daniel Perez at Highmoon Media Grace Piper at Fearless Cooking, MissBHavens at missbehavens (whose recipes are equally good at ripping apart New Year’s Resolutions), and Sean Paul Ellis at

Today, we are going to rock yours senses with seven cheese mac.  Why seven cheeses?

Because a mere 3 or 5 or 6 cheeses, just would not do, now would it?  We don’t do anything halfway at BlogWellDone.

Seven Cheese Mac and Cheese

First, a moment of your time.  Before we get into the recipe, there is some debate over the type of macaroni to use in any mac and cheese, no many if uses a paltry one type of cheese or amazing seven.

Conventional wisdom says use elbow macaroni, which is all fine and well and good.  However, I like spirals.  My friend Joy turned me on to them when she made mac and cheese.  When she first told me she used spirals, I scoffed, like the good food snob I am.

However, after tasting them, I was forced to agree they have a better texture and they hold more cheese. So, I say use spirals if you have them.

Oh, and angel hair noodles, for the record, are right out.

Making the Mac and Cheese

This is really pretty simple.  The key to getting it right is making sure the noodles are undercooked.

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I was inspired to write this post while standing at the cheese counter trying to find a good soft goat cheese and wearing a facial expression nestled comfortably between bewildered and desperation.  I was trying to find cheese for one of my wife’s favorite dishes, queso al horno (whose recipe you can find on Bay vs Kitchen), and I found myself totally mystified by both the array of cheeses and the fact that I had a very definite picture of what I wanted in my head and nothing that lay before me appeared to match it.

Immediately I was thankful that I was at Whole Foods.   Yes, I know it is a supermarket, but Whole Foods attracts good people who are knowledgeable and passionate about their work and they carry high end product.

Realizing I was a bit lost, I asked one of the people behind the cheese counter about the various soft goat cheeses.  My choices were  immediately narrowed down to three.  Then it got hard again.  Which one?  The white goat cheese, the white goat cheese or…the white goat cheese?

Then it hit me.  Any cheese shop worth its salt would allow me to sample.  So I asked with a bit of hesistancy if I could try a sample.  The nice lady was more than happy to give me the opportunity and in doing so, solved the mystery of which cheese I should buy.

It also reminded me that that I do not really like plain goat cheese, but that’s another story.

So when going to buy cheese and the shredded stuff will not do:

  • Go to a reputable cheese seller.  A locally run cheese store is best, but Whole Foods is good, too.
  • Ask questions.  If the person behind the counter does not know the answer or is unfriendly, go somewhere else.  Find someone passionate about their work.  The final dish can only benefit.
  • Sample.  You will not know its good unless it hits your taste buds.  On the other hand, remember you are buying cheese, not bucking for a free dinner.

Anyone have a favorite goat cheeses or favorite goat cheese recipes?