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Donnor Party Special

As befitting this special day, here’s a recipe I invented for special occasions. You will need: 4 tablespoons grapeseed oil  2 tablespoons butter  1 medium onion, thinly sliced  2 pounds of meat, deboned, dark meat preferred 8 cloves of garlic salt and pepper to taste Cover the meat liberally with salt and pepper.  Over a medium fire, […]


Keeping the Resolution: Saute Without Oil

This is a little trick I have used many times when trying to remove fats and oils from cooking healthy.  Instead of sauteing in oil, many types of food can be sauted in broth or stock or soy sauce.  The liquid, especially if it is contains a little bit of fat, will prevent the food from burning […]


Spice Week: Herbs de’Provence

Welcome back to another (slightly later than I would have liked) edition of Spice Week.  In celebration of the Spice Girls reuniting, this week is all about how to use spices in your cooking. And yes, I realize that herbs de’Provence are herbs and not spices, but bear with me here.  They’re a handy little […]