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Brownie Wrapped in Phyllo – Ride for Family Homelessness Final Day

Dancing Deer Brownie Wrapped in Phyllo DoughWell, this series has come to an end.  After many days and many delicious recipes, today will be our last day talking about Dancing Deer products.  For now.  Even before I blogged them, I was a fan.  Nothing has changed that!

As you probably know, Dancing Deer CEO Trish Karter rode more than 1,500 miles to promote awareness for Family Homelessness.  She has done a great thing.  She talked with people, shared with them, and fed them.  I only wish my blogging efforts could compare.

To celebrate the final day of blogging about Dancing Deer products, I want to end with the first idea I ever had about what to do with Dancing Deer brownies:

Dancing Deer Brownies Wrapped in Phyllo Dough

We used to go to a restaurant called Coyote Grill here in Kansas City where my wife always ordered the brownie wrapped in phyllo dough.  I couldn’t not let this series end without sharing it with all of you.

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A Grateful Dead Valentine’s Day

Grateful Dead Valentine' DayOkay, so this isn’t the normal type of post I’d make on the blog, but at the request of the Party Planning Professor, I was asked to put together a small menu for a friend whose husband loves the Grateful Dead.

As you probably know, the Dead are an American icon for their great music, the era in which they made it, and for certain herbal and/or chemical activities in which they partook.  And sang about.

So if you’re looking to capture the spirit of the Grateful Dead, but maybe without all the “extras,” here’s a few sweets that are sure to get you Truckin’ this Valentine’s Day.

“Pot” Brownies and Vitamin C, ‘Rettes and “Cocaine”

So, in other words, what I have done is in no way family friendly, but I do love me a good pun every now and then and couldn’t resist the chance to employ my punning ability for evil.

Ready for the recipes?

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