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Fried Vegan “Chicken Strips” – Junk Food Post #11

Vegan Chicken StripsVegan comfort food week of unResolution month marches onward.  Why vegan food?  Well, I figure I’m corrupting the omnivore’s and the vegetarian’s diet, I might as well make it equal opportunity (raw foodists, I’m thinking real hard…)  I mean, after all, UnResolution month only works if everyone gets a chance to eat really bad-for-you-food that tastes pretty darned good. Right?

So today, we are going with something quick and easy and familiar to meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike:

Fried Vegan “Chicken Strips”

If you have been following this blog much lately, I have been doing a lot of cooking with Match Foods products.  I’ve done gravy burgers and crab rangoon both made from Match’s meat replacers.  Today, I decided to bring things back a little bit and do something everyone loves: chicken strips, but vegan chicken strips made from Match meat.

This recipe is simple and easy and uses the same tempura skillz I learned from Julia Usher at Sauce Magazine.  However, unlike yesterday’s deep fried sushi recipe, the tempura batter used in this recipe is a lot more open to interpretation.  Normal tempura batter uses plain soda water and minimal spices.  With this recipe, you can use beer if you like or Coca-Cola or whatever.  You can also add more or different spices than those I list.

Feel free to have fun with this one.

Vegan Chicken Strips

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