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Vegan TaquiotsAnd now… day 8 of unResolution month.  Hopefully at this point, unResolution month needs no introduction and you are happily eating away.  (And maybe going to the gym. :))

Today, I turn the focus of unResolution month from comfort foods (with a minor deviation into cookies) to straight vegetarian/vegan food that also happens to be ridiculously bad for you.  Because, after all I did become veg for the health benefits. 🙂

So anyway…

Vegan Soyrizo Taquitos

This is one of my all-time favorite vegan meals.  Taquitos are small tubes of tortilla that have been rolled with flavorful, (usually Mexican-inspired) filling.  Usually it’s beef, but sometimes chicken or chorizo.  Once the rolling is done, the whole thing is tossed into a deep fryer and made extra delicious because everything is better when fried.

Of course, if this weren’t unResolution month I would say roll them, stick them with a toothpick and bake them with a light coating of olive oil.  But this is unResolution month and you must fry!!!

Oh, and if you are wondering what Soyrizo is…it’s a soy based chorizo meat alternative.  I actually like it better than a lot of real chorizo that I have had because it is not nearly as oily.  Still, it’s kind of grainy, so it works best hidden a dish.

Making the Soyrizo Taquitos

Taquito construction is very simple and this recipe is no different.

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